The Day of Mourning

No one expected the sudden and complete destruction of Cyre, a day now memorialized each year as the “Day of Mourning”. People from every nation suffered that day, as each nation had soldiers, diplomats, traders, or distant family members in Cyre at the time it was destroyed and no one knew if the same fate awaited their nation. After Cyre’s destruction, no one stepped forward to explain the event or offer an explanation. Four years later, everyone remembers where they were when they heard of Cyre’s destruction, and everyone has their own pet theories on what caused the complete destruction of one of the Five Nations of Galifar.

Tone and attitude

Magic is everywhere

The Last War has ended

The Five Nations

Eberron is a world of intrigue

Dragonmark dynasties


The people of Eberron have a cosmopolitan outlook towards others

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The Day of Mourning

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