Orcbone is a Brelish military installation on the western border. Those stationed there have endured some of the fiercest fighting during the Last War and periodic raids and skirmishes since.

The commander of the fort is Lord Veirner ir’Tajar, but his control is not complete. The Westwind Riders, a cavalry company who ranges the western frontier, uses the fort as its base of operations. The captain of the Riders, a Khoravar named Yurell ir’Iff is a charismatic leader and she differs vociferously in her opinion about how the western Brelish border should be protected. The commander wants to conduct raids into Droaam, but ir’Iff is determined to only strike at forces that enter Breland proper.

Noteworty Orcbone Groups

The Westwind Riders well accomplished group, known for slaying a black dragon, ousting a nest of kobolds, and even travelling to the Shadowfell.

Freeriders A group formed six month’s ago in Wroat, defeated a cabal of cultists in Beacon


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