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Aerenal An island continent ruled by elves

Ardev A large town in western Breland. (replaces Overlook in SoW campaign)

Breland The country in which our tale begins.

Companions Rules for Jantry’s Squire.

The Dhakaani Empire An ancient fallen empire of green-skins.

Dagger River Large river that runs from Woodhelm to Sharn.

The Day of Mourning A mysterious disaster that destroyed the entire country of Cyre killing everyone.

Dragonmarks Mysterious magical birthmarks said to be signs of the Draconic Prophecy.

Dragonmark Dynasties Descendants of families who are born with strange magical birthmarks.

Dragonshards Magic Crystals.

Graywall Mountains Mountain range between Breland and Dorram.

The Hand of the Silver Flame The name given to the troupe of adventurers in our tale.

Kundarak Consortium

Khyber One of the three dragons that created the world. Khyber is also the name of the underground realm of devils, demons, and things that go “bump” in the night.

The Last War The war that lasted 100 years and ended just recently. The country is still recovering.

Monastery of the Sundered Chain A ruined church of Dol Durin, rumored to hide tunnels into Droaam.

Orcbone A Brelish military installation on near the western border(Replaces Bordin’s Watch from the Scales campaign)

The Red Hand of Doom History relevant to the campaign.

Sharn Capital of Breland and largest city in Eberron.

Shavalant A small town where several Eladrin have been known to reside. (Replaces Talar from the Scales of War campaign)

The Silver Flame Second most popular religion in Eberron. Most PC’s worship The Flame.

Thistle and Antler Tavern The Tavern where our story begins. It is run by halflings.

Treaty of Thronehold The treaty that was signed recently. It ended the Last War.

The Undying Court The elvish kings and queens.

Valenar An elvish nation that was carved out of the former country of Cyre.

Woodhelm A small town at the tip of the Dagger River. (Replaces Brindol from the Scales of War campaign)

Wroat Political seat of Breland.

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