Kundarak Consortium

Forty years ago, a faction of the dwarven Dragonmarked house Kundarak setteled in Ardev and founded the Kundarak Consortium. They united several other Dragonmarkedhouses including a few Orien and D’Cannith merchants as well.

Savvy busniss deals and their knack for protecting things of great value, gave The Consortium a distinct place among the noble and elite of Ardev society until now, a decade later, they have emerged as one of the most powerful commercial forces in the region.

Ever since, tThe Consortium has only grown larger and more successful, which is a fact not lost on the folk of the Tradetown district and elsewhere who have begun to resent The Consortium’s influence.

Ardev has become the base of operations for the Consortium, with warehouses and production facilities in the Elftown quarter. Fronting these buildings is a small shop that provides weapons, armor, and other materials (none of which is magical)at a 10% discount below those prices listed in the Player’s Handbook.

Kundarak Consortium

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