Ancient legends and creation myths describe Eberron as a world in three parts, the ring above. the subterranean realm below, and the land between. Each of these world sections is tied to a great dragon of legend-Siberys, Khyber. and Eberron. Each section of the world produces stones and crystals imbued with arcane power—dragonshards. With dragonshards, dragon marks can be made more powerful, elementals can be controlled and harnessed, and magic items of all sorts can be crafted and shaped. These shards, however, are rare and difficult to come by. making them expensive and often the goals of great quests and adventures.

Angry face

Tone and attitude

Magic is everywhere

The Last War has ended

The Five Nations

The Day of Mourning

Eberron is a world of intrigue

Dragonmark dynasties

The people of Eberron have a cosmopolitan outlook towards others


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