Dragonmark dynasties

The great dragonmarked families are the barons of industry and commerce throughout Khorvaire and beyond. Their influence transcends political boundaries, and they remained mostly neutral during the Last War. While not technically citizens of any nation, the matriarchs and patriarchs of each house live in splendor within their enclaves and emporiums located throughout Khorvaire. These dynastic houses of commerce derive their power from the dragon marks-unique, hereditary arcane sigils that manifest on certain individuals within the family, granting them limited but very useful magical abilities associated with the trade guilds the family controls.

House Cannith

  • Race: Humans
  • DragonMark: The mark of Making
  • House Cannith consists of alchemists, artificers, magewrights and the worlds best mundane crafters.

House Deneith

  • Race: Human
  • DragonMark: The mark of the Sentinel.
  • House Deneith consists of mercenaries devoted to providing protection to the highest bidders.

House Ghallanda

  • Race: Halflings
  • DragonMark: The mark of Hospitality
  • House Ghallanda provides food and shelter across the land. Using their mark and high standards to bring the best accommodations to all.

House Jorasco

  • Race: Halflings
  • DragonMark: The Mark of Healing
  • House Jorasco provides healing guild outposts of the Jorasco seal across the lands. Dealing in all forms of medicine and healing of both mundane and magical properties.

House Kundarak

  • Race: Dwarves
  • DragonMark: The Mark of Warding
  • House Kundarak are the bankers and provide security to businesses and precious goods.

House Lyrander

  • Race: Half-Elves
  • DragonMark: The Mark of Storm
  • House Lyrander provide two services, one bring rains to the farmers of Khorvaire. The other is transportation. House Lyrander windwrights control the shipping and transportation that operates in the air and across the seas.

House Medani

  • Race: Half-Elves
  • DragonMark: The Mark of Detection
  • House Medani provides personal protection to those that need it and can afford it.

House Orien

  • Race: Humans
  • DragonMark: The Mark of Passage
  • House Orien deals in transportation and teleportation. The couriers guild uses teleportation to deliver packages, messages and the like as well as teleporting people for a fee as well. The Transportation guild of House Orien operates the lightning rail that traverses across Khorvaire.

House Phiarlin

  • Race: Elves
  • DragonMark: The Mark of Shadow
  • House Phiarlin provides a couple services. On the surface they are entertainers and Artisans. But there true work is in secretive information brokering and espionage.

House Sivis

  • Race: Gnomes
  • DragonMark: The Mark of Scribing
  • House Sivis are the masters of the written and spoken word, providing translators, mediators, and advocates across the continent.

House Tharask

  • Race: Humans and Half-orcs
  • DragonMark: The Mark of Finding
  • House Tharask mostly works across Khorvaire as inquisitives, prospectors and bounty hunters. Finding resources, dragonshards and people for the right price.

House Vadalis

  • Race: Humans
  • DragonMark: The Mark of Handling
  • House Vadalis deals in handling animals of all kinds. Breeding the best mounts and providing stables across the land for travelers.

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Dragonmark dynasties

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