Bordin's Watch

Also known as Graywall Outpost, Bordrin’s Watch lies just over theDroaam /Brelandborder. During The Last War this fortress was raised to control traffic between the two countries and to help defend Breland from attack. Today, although the border has shifted and Graywall Outpost now lies clearly in Droaam, a small outpost of Brelish soldiers are permitted to watch the border.

Rumor has it that this outpost also contains one of the three access points to the tunnels beneath the Graywall Mountains.

Graywall Outpost can accommodate 3,000 soldiers on the walls and in the towers, but the grounds on the Brelish side of the pass can hold up to 100 times this number if need be.

Granaries are replenished each season, fed by towns, hamlets, and communities all under Orcbone’s protection. The stores can keep a modest-sized force fed and watered for up to six months without needing to resupply.

Bordin's Watch

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