Lost Ones


The Lost Ones is the most powerful criminal organization in Ardev with close links to the Boromar Clan in Sharn. From a humble start as a gang of smugglers and thieves, the Lost Ones have risen to become one of the most influential forces in the city. They have a stranglehold on the smuggling trade and own the majority of gambling halls in the city. Nearly all of the fences and thieves in Ardev either work directly for the Lost Ones or pay tribute in exchange for independence. In return, the Lost Ones operate under close supervision of the Sharn based Boromar Clan.

Known Member of the Lost Ones include:

Sygen A powerful underboss based in Tradetown. He is a wizard and maintains a long evil waxed mustache.

Morda A Dark Creeper who once worked for Sarshan.

Mara the River Fox Ex-lover of Jandry & Breogan.


Lost Ones

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