Mara the River Fox

A red headed halfelf.


Mara, a smuggler who worked on a smugglers boat with Jantry for a while. She is smallish, but athletic with flame red hair, she was well respected for her quick mind and sharp senses. She wasn’t evil or cruel, just very self interested. She didn’t have the stomach for killing but sometimes left people in a place to die easy. Jan had a thing for her, and they even had a brief fling.

Mara dumped Jantry, literally, one night at the docks, saying that while it was fun, she had some things to work out with Kemper, another man she had also been seeing. They had a big job coming up, and Jan would only get in the way. So, she sailed off into the star-less night and that was the last time Jan saw her. The botched warehouse burglary that lead to Jantry’s near execution happened only a month later.

So perhaps she was right: he would have only got in the way. In the mean time, Mara and a small band under her leadership had pulled off a heist from a huge river-boat casino and earned her the name River Fox her cunning plan. Who knows where Mara is now? Perhaps living it up in a mansion with her loot or perhaps her luck has reversed, putting her on the run. Perhaps she is still with Kemper and their band or she’s struck out on her own.


Mara the River Fox

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