Scales of Eberron

Victory at Rivenroar Ruins

Session 3

After clearing the upper level of the crypts beneath the ruined Rivenroar castle, we rested for the night near the entrance. In the morning,Elani took the first four hostages we had saved back to Woodhelm, while the rest of the party (Jantry,Breogan ,Oris and Quinn descended into the depths, followed by the aged castellan Sertanian who asked to come along and carried the lantern and our standard.

In the first room we encountered a group of hobgoblins and acid spitting lizards lead by a goblin hexer who kept blinding us with his powers. We dispatched these foul villains will ease – and special harshness was reserved for the lizards for they are hated by the Silver Flame. Unfortunately, the goblin shaman escaped and ran away into the dungeon. We decided to rest and regather our strength before exploring the leftmost of the three doors leading from the room. Inside we found three sarcophagi with rotted remains and jewelry inside. In the center one was a gruesome sight. A steel spike had been driven into the stone, and manacles chained to them. Still trapped in one of the manacles was the mangled remains of a human hand, ripped from its owners body. We also found two healing potions in the tombs.

We next decided to follow the goblin shaman, rather than descend deeper into the dungeon. We followed him to a room with a large obsidian burning moon inlaid on the floor occupied by two ghouls and a couple zombies – one of whom was the former owner of the aforementioned hand and the town’s artificer. We slew the foul undead and destroyed the cowardly goblin shaman hiding behind them. Then turned to continue our search for the last hostage – the boy Thurann son of the slain captain of the guards Kartenix. We happened upon a fountain of water that would later serve us well while resting and then in a room lined with tombs and writings we found the boy Thurann whimpering in a corner. We freed him, and then decided that – having rescued the hostages, we had best return to the surface and rest before exploring the rest of the dungeon.

. Angry face .

That night while we encamped by the mouth of the dungeon,Breogan caught the hobgoblin captain Sinruth attempting to flee the dungeon. A battle ensued as the rest of us were awakened, with the captain wielding a wicked dire chain weapon. On the captain’s body we discovered a suit of magical full-plate armor (which Jantry would later don), as well as another mysterious dragon shard crystal, and a cryptic messageto the leader, congratulating him on his success and commanding him to attack the town and steal the loot – signed “the Emissary.”

In the morning, we left Thurann and Sertanian at the campsite while the remainder of the hand of the Silver Flame descended into the depths of the dungeon. We first found the quarters of the hobgoblin captain Sinruth and recovered several of the stolen items. We then returned to the room where the boy had been found and explored a strange dead-end hallway and found a secret door at the end. We crossed to the other-side and found ourselves in a throne room with a skeletal king and queen sitting on the throne in the center. A swarm of skeleton warriors emerged from the bones scattered about and we did battle with the undead scum. The king proved to be a terrifying presence capable of driving us back, while calling forth more and more minions. His queen had been crafted into a vicious fighter who exploded upon killing her. We paused for a moment in the room, discovering an array of precious items and an ornately carved bone staff.

. Angry face .

We then proceeded out of the throne room by the front door – only to uncover two were-rat goblin skirmishers who had summoned a demon to protect them. We fought the raging demon to a stop in the hallway but one of the were rats escaped. We pursued and crashed through a door into what appeared to be an old chapel infested with more goblin-wererats and a shaman who kept disappearing every-time we attacked him. We suffered many blows and wounds, Quinn unconscious, near death and poisoned from the bites of the vile rat-goblins.

In the end we slew these enemies of the Silver Flame as well and recovered the remainder of the items stolen from Woodhelm. One item in particular was curious – as we took up the dull, platinum long sword it spoke to Quinn “At last… mumble mumble… ” in the Voice of the Silver Flame. We finish looting the dungeon – all the treasures of the family became forfeit when they took to the path of Necromancy.

We returned to town with a hero’s welcome (and a level up). We rest and celebrate at several feasts in our honor. Jantry purchased horses for the party to speed our journey toward Orcbone – and took the pretty village maid Alys for a ride down by the river bank… We tried to negotiate with the keeper of the Hall of Valor Sertanian to let us keep the platinum blade. We visited the Alchemist Adronsius’s shop and purchased a few special items at cost. And it seems like the boy Thurann we rescued, the captain of the guards’ son might come with us on the next leg of the journey as all his family in the Woodhelm is dead. Perhaps we will recruit him as a squire to carry our battle standard… The Silver Flame has prevailed this day, but who knows what other dangers await them on the road ahead…



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