Scales of Eberron

The Hand of the Silver Flame

Session 1

After leaving Flamekeep and the country of Thrane, four adherents of The Silver Flame traveled across Breland, working their way towards Orcbone to answer the call for help in defending Bordin’s Watch. While stopping over in the town of Woodhelm the four fingers of the Hand of the Silver Flame(Elani, Quinn, Jantry, and Oris )were joined by a Brelish fighter named Breogan.

Angry face

Without warning, the town was under attack. Goblins and Hobgoblins stormed the Thistle and Antler Tavern. It appeared that they sought an old banner kept behind the bar. After the loss of much life, and a heroic defense on the part of The Hand of the Silver Flame, the invaders were repelled. The bartender said that the banner was somehow linked to The Red Hand of Doom.

The next morning it was discovered that seven people were abducted during the raid, as well as six items stolen from the Great Hall of Valor. Alys, who witnessed the heroic deeds of the Hand of the Silver Flame, informed the city council of what she saw.

Councilmember Eoffram Troyas summoned the heroes and asked for their assistance in recovering the kidnapped townsfolk and town relics.

The Hand of the Silver Flame interrogated a Hobgoblin named Morrik who gave them a false map which led them into a nest of dog-sized flesh-eating insects. The group bested the insects and found their way back onto the trail of the invaders.

Eventually they found their way up a to a plateau covered with ruins of an old castle. There, in the ruins, they found the entrance to a sort of crypt that perhaps once lie in the bowels of the castle…



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