Scales of Eberron

Adventure Hook

Scales of War

Is the The Last War really over?!

Angry face A week ago, a call to arms sounded throughout Khorvaire, summoning warriors to help defend Orcbone at the base of the Graywall Mountains far on the western border of Breland. Whispers of an army from Droaam, an army of orcs on the march, have been heard in taverns across the western lands. Could these rumors be true? It has only been 2 years since the Treaty of Thronehold ended the 100 year war, could this short reign of peace be shattered so soon?

Reports from Orcbone scouts have revealed large ranks of orcs, trolls, and worse are marching into the Graywall Mountains. To shore up the thin number of defenders of the Watch, Breland has dispatched a call to arms, beseeching able-bodied men and women across Khorvaire to mobilize at Ardev and join forces with the defenders in the west.

Angry face

With the memory of the The Last War fresh in the minds of Khorvairites, you and other adventurers form as far away as Sharn are starting to answer the call. For one reason or another, you find yourself at the Thistle and Antler Tavern enjoying an ale in the town of Woodhelm. A group of you has decided to head to Ardev as soon as possible to help defend the borders of Breland.



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