Scales of Eberron

Leaping Boldly Into Danger

Session 2

The Hand of the Silver Flame continued into the depths of the dungeon they had found. The dungeon was home to numerous hobgoblins, which had trained dinosaur-esque drakes for battle. Many dangerous foes fell in their path, but sadly, not all of the hostages could be rescued. While resting after a series of exhausting battles, the surviving denizens of the ruin executed Kartenix, sending a message to the Hand of the Silver Flame by leaving his head outside the room they had barricaded.

Saddened by the loss, but refusing to give into the demands of the evil lords of the dungeon, the party vowed to press on, and faced even greater threats: a shaman who opened a portal to an unearthly realm of fire (said portal deftly closed by Quinn), and vile Chillborn Zombies that threatened to snuff the Silver Flame outright.

The Hand of the Silver Flame rushed to save the hostages, using every resource at their disposal and slaying many, many, many foes. Finally, they were forced to rest, huddled in a crypt with the four hostages they had rescued so far. Who knows what danger awaits as they venture out once more to explore the deepest depths of the dungeon…



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